Want a website?

Want a website?

Looking for a quick website? We can help.

We are a professional website designer with 11+ years of experience. we can make you a quick and professional website at a very low and affordable price. We can produce any design, layout, and website up to your requirements.

We promote responsive design & free from unnecessary animations. Meaning your website will not only look great across all platforms (desktop, tablets and mobile) but also be accessible to clients/customers whenever and wherever they need it.

A website is a home

Someone once described a website as a “home” for your online presence; it’s a space where you are free to create a digital version of your brand or idea for the entire world to see.
You have full control over everything, from the layout and style of the site, to the content you choose to display – making it the perfect platform to present your vision, your ideas and ultimately, what sets you ahead of your competitors.

Website pros:

Total, uninhibited control – Owning your own website allows you to create a look and feel that suits your brand right down to the features that you implement.

Referrals – The ease and simplicity behind existing customers being able to refer their friends and family to your site by a simple link will aid in the promotion of your brand by word of mouth.

The formidability of a strong, established online brand identity cannot be overstated – The credibility behind having your own domain immediately builds trust between your brand and audience.

Email address associated with your domain – custom email addresses are also great for credibility. Owning a domain allows you to create custom email addresses for yourself and your employees.

Operating costs at a fraction of the price – If your website is commerce based and you’re selling something to your clients, you’re already cutting out massive costs like renting a physical store or having to pay wages to multiple employees.

Online stores have no down time – You’re open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! 

Complete activity tracking – How many people visit your site per day, where your visitors originate from, how long each of them spend on an individual page, how many people initiated contact in the form of messaging or emails. Information like this is all tracked for you automatically, which makes in-depth analysis reporting a breeze considering how many metrics you have at your disposal.

Link building – Having other websites linking back to your website will increase your website’s authority and organic search engine rating. Resulting in you receiving more visitors per day due to your website’s authority. This of course requires strong, valuable and consistent content creation.

Increased sales – Possibly one of the biggest advantages of having a website over a social media page is being able to take advantage of how Google and other search engine’s index their websites. A social media page will not show up as a first page result to the average users searching for ‘hardware stores’ – but a website that has been optimised correctly might – thanks to the fact that social media pages cannot be optimised for search engines.

Website cons:

Maintenance – Keeping a large website’s hosting rich content up to date can be costly as well as time consuming

Required Marketing Investment – In order to gain and maintain traffic through to your website, you will need to put together an in-depth marketing strategy. This might only cost you time and effort, fortunately. 

Infrastructure and Design – It goes without saying that the more complicated the functionality and design of your website is, the more it will cost to set up.

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